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What we do.

We provide free legal aid and representation as well as aftercare support to pretrial detainees who have been wrongfully accused. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective legal support to those who need it the most. To aid in reintegration, we offer aftercare support to help our clients rebuild their lives after incarceration.


Legal advice and representation is offered to individuals in pre-trial detention on a pro-bono basis, this is a crucial aspect of ensuring access to justice for all members of society, regardless of their financial means or social status. By providing this service, our organization aims to address the issue of inequality within the justice system, where those who are unable to afford legal representation are often at a significant disadvantage. We promote Human rights and address social inequalities


The Constitution of Kenya gives an arrested person the right “to be released on bond or bail, on reasonable conditions” but the majority of accused persons cannot afford to pay the bail or bond that they are granted. As a result, they are detained in remand prison for as long as it takes to complete their trial. 


AJAR has established a revolving bail fund through which we assist in paying the bail of low-income individuals, securing their release before determination of their trial.



AJAR believes in empowerment of the community and capacity building through legal education and awareness programs promoting access to justice at the grass-root level.

AJAR offers civic education to pretrial remandees in remand prison. This is an important step in ensuring that individuals are aware of their rights and can confidently participate in the trial process and are able to self-represent if necessary.


We provide aftercare support to our clients who are transitioning back into society after being incarcerated for successful reintegration. Working closely with partnerships we offer holistic mental health and family reunification with the ultimate goal of helping our clients become well rounded individuals who can positively contribute to their communities.


We take on public interest cases that have potential to impact the lives of multiple people. We aim to make meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by systemic injustices. We are committed to policy reform work that aims to bring about positive change in the criminal justice system. This includes advocating for legislative and policy changes that help create a fairer and equitable justice system.


Through our Advocacy work we seek to promote a more humane and effective criminal Justice system that is grounded in principles of fairness and community based support. We believe that by working together, we can help create a society where justice is accessible to all and where the needs and voices of the most vulnerable are heard and respected. As part of our Advocacy work, we engage in public education campaigns to raise awareness on the flaws and injustices in the current criminal justice system.


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